Life is busy, especially with kids! To make navigating our site easier, we've added all of the forms you need to register, check tuition rates, apply for a scholarship, or read through our handbook. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

The Early Learning Center is a part of Our Lady Of Consolation Church located in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. We are located on Cemetery Road at The Schneider Parish Center. The Early Learning Center offers preschool programs for ages two to five. We have only certified teachers and well qualified aides in our classrooms.

We pride ourselves on family participation and involvement. Our belief is that you must engage the whole child, which includes family. We ask for all our parents to volunteer whenever they can.

Siblings are always welcome when parents are helping in the classroom, at class parties, and on trips. Activities are planned throughout the year for the entire family. We also have two parent/teacher conferences a year. However, the staff is always available to talk with parents about concerns at all times. We truly have your child's best interest at heart.

The Early Learning Center was established in 2002 by Mrs. Janice Dagney and Mrs. Karen Kibler. They began a preschool with 5 children and it has blossomed into a remarkable program for young children.

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